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Collection: Tyler Rose Garden (TRG)

The world is truly a beautiful place. Yes, there is much ugliness in the world as well, but we have choices. I choose to appreciate what's around me. I'm a good old-fashioned nature girl. Give me the choice between a beach or the woods and I'd choose the woods (don't get me wrong I love the beach as well).

As a traveler I find time to explore different areas. Right now I'm focusing on Texas, which I have come to realize I have much to see! One weekend I found myself in Tyler, TX and I had to visit the Tyler Rose Garden. I've seen rose gardens, but this is a rose garden!

One really needs a full day to enjoy the rows and rows of rose varieties at the Tyler Rose Garden. It's a dream for photographers and green thumbs alike. Flowers are common photography subjects. I believe we've seen a number of photos with a spotlight on a flower.

With the Tyler Rose Garden (TRG) collection I focused on the other facets of the flower. The focus was to capture other perspectives and view, in this case, the rose in its complete glory. The Idea Garden also allowed me to find other flowers and plants I didn't know existed. And there was a butterfly garden! Perfect!!!

I highly suggest putting the Tyler Rose Garden on your To Do list. I also hope the photos I've shared here spark your interest and brings the essence of the garden to life.

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