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Color Them Red

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

I think every household has a wall of photos. There's the quintessential baby photo and then every school photo known to man. Grandmothers and grandfathers worldwide love to gaze upon these photos. Of course, the kids get older and somewhere along the way we stop taking pictures. What?!

We stopped taking pictures and printing pictures. We were able (with the help of technology) to carry an entire vacation on a piece of tech the size of our thumb. Surely we've all been part of the "passing the phone around to see the latest special event pictures" moment. Not the coolest thing.

Well, I'm working with the Houston family to get photos and special moments back where they belong: on walls! Like most families, my family stopped printing photos. Yep, my parents have a wall of way back when. This month I'm helping them redecorate the family wall with something special. I tell you it's gonna be a stunner once the project is complete.

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